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  When being consulted, I have always suggested that when hosting a party, the last two hours before guests are to arrive should be devoted to the hostess(host). And the last half hour should be spent "reading".

Reading has a calming effect, lowers your blood pressure, mentally removes you fromyour surroundings and allows you to reenter the moment as though you too had just arrived.

But there is more of "hosting-reading" connection than just last minute relaxation:

  • Reading a good book, well-researched novels especially, gives you a window into other lifestyles.
  • Learn about other cultures and other habits from around the world.
  • See how things were at another time in your own country.
  • Understand other religions and politics.
  • You'll be amazed by the hundreds of small things that take place to make a particular business run smoothly.
  • Reading keeps you educated and informed.
  • You'll be better at starting or entering into a conversation.
  • It's satisfying to be able to provide the correct response to someone else's wondering.
  • In you daily life, you have an opportunity to escape your surroundings for a short time. This certainly reduces stress.
  Raising a family? Too busy? Can't find the time? Too expensive?


  Yes, the movie was good--but, the book is better. The book allows you to hear their thoughts and find out what led up to that event.

Yes, raising children is time consumming--but to be a good parent one must be an informed parent. Read! One must be an example to one's children. Read! One must not resent one's children. Make time for yourself. Read!

Yes, to succeed in business takes too many hours. But to reduce the stress, read! To help understand other people, read! For a good nights sleep, read!

Yes, in much of today's society, having a family, a job and a social life requires most of your time. But to keep your youth longer, read! To keep your mind flexible, read!

    You can always find time to read---
  • Before anyone else is awake in the morning
  • At lunch
  • Just before bed
  • On a plane, train, bus or in a taxi
  • Waiting rooms
  • Waiting for the laundry
  • Instead of watching the news
  • While the children are napping
  • At sporting events
  • At the beach
  Suggested Reading
by Category
  (These are only suggested authors and categories. I'm sure thousands of you will have thousands of other preferred books. But for those of you who don't regularly read, this should get you started).  
  Horror: Stephen King (All) -- Shirley Jackson (Haunting of Hill House) --Thomas Tryon (Harvest Home; The Other)  
  Espionage/Politics: Tom Clancy (All Books)  
  Legal Battles: John Grisham (All Books)  
  Subltle Humor: John Irving (All Books)  
  Historical Novels: Helen Hooven Santmyer (And Ladies of the Club) -- John Jakes (Homeland) -- Jeffrey Archer (As the Crow Flies)  
  Industry: Arthur Hailey (All): all industries -- Howard East (Max): movies -- Robin Cook (All): medicine  
  Cultures/Regions: Vikram Seth/India (A Suitable Boy) -- Barbara Kingsolver/Am. Indian (Pigs in Heaven) -- Alex Haley/Am. South (Roots) -- James Michner/Multi (All) -- Stirling Seagrave/China (The Soong Dynasty) -- Thomas Keneally/German-Poland (Schindler's List)  
  Good Reading: Robert James Waller (Bridges of Madison County)-- Tabitha King (All) -- Amy Tan (All) -- Anne Tyler (All)-- Kurt Vonnegut (All)  
  Science Fiction/
Isaac Asimov (All) -- Clive Barker (Imajica)  
  Religions: Chaim Poltok, Jewish (All) -- Coleen McCullouch, Catholic (Thornbush) -- Laura Kalpakian, Mormon (These Latter Days)  
  Action/Detective: Caleb Carr (The Alienist) -- James Burke (All) -- Scott Turow (All) -- David Baldacci (All)  

My Favorites?

  • Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell
    (Forget anything you've seen or heard--Read the Book!)
  • The Shining by Stephen King
    (Much more frightening than the movie)
  • A Time to Kill by John Grisham
    (Thought provoking)
  • And Ladies of the Club by Helen Hooven Santmyer
  • Homeland by John Jakes
  • Bridges of Madison County by Robert James Waller
    (Just a good book!)
  • Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan
    (Love, hardship, sacrifice, hope, love)
  • EVERYTHING written by Tom Clancy

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