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  SUMMER - 2017


Economical Party Gear

Not only is summer the time for vacations and cookouts and pool parties, it's also a great time of year to pick up supplies for entertaining at other times of the year.
What do I mean? Why, yard sales, flea markets and swap meets of course!
Get used aluminum pots and pans for camping and those great shore dinners.
You can find wonderful china plates and accessory pieces for those winter buffets.
And what about pottery, copper, brass and vintage aluminum?
Keep your eyes open for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations.
Don't pass up ANY crystal stemware. Your guests are more impressed with the quality and the delightful variety than with whether or not the pieces match.

Grab up wonderful old china, gavy boats or cream ptichers. They have more uses than the intended original. Mis-matched salt shakers anre great!--Everyone can have their own.

If you can find a place setting of china or silver--take it! An otherwise quiet gathering can break out into wonderful conversations when your dining guests realize that each place setting is unique.

Don't forget the cheap section either. A teapot or sugar bowl without a lid makes a great vase. A rusty cast iron pot or a crock with a small crack can be cleaned up for outdoor planters and poolside ashtrays.

10- and 25- cent Tupperware and Rubbermaid is a great way to keep a supply of containers for guests to take food home. Or, if you carry food to an event, it won't be so painful if the dish never comes back.

What's more, you'll have fun! And who knows what treasures you may uncover! I found an 1830 ironstone coffee pot inperfect condition for $15.00 at at thrift store.

That reminds me......the flea market is open today!

Gotta Go.........................


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