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March, 1999
Glazed Corned Beef
  3lb-5lb Corned Beef  
    Boiling Water  
  1 Can Beer  
  1 Tblsp. Pickling Spices (if not already in beef package)  
  3 Tsp. Yellow Mustard  
  3 Tsp. Brown Sugar  
    Stir Until Well Blended  
  Place corned beef in oven-proof pan, or roaster,
with sides 3 inches higher than beef.
  Sprinkle with pickling spices, if needed.  
  Completely cover beef with boiling water.  
  Add one can of beer.  
  Seal tightly with aluminum foil.  
  Carefully place on center overn shelf.  
  Bake 2 hours on 325.  
  Turn oven off--leave pan in oven 1 hour.  
  Remove pan from oven. Carefully remove foil,
pointing away from you.

Escaping steam can cause severe burns.
  Lift beef from liquid and place on cookie sheet.  
  Spread glaze evenly over beef.  
  Bake at 400 for 20 minutes, until glaze bubbles.  
  Cool 30 minutes before slicing diagonally.  
Corned beef can be cooked in advance.
Wrap in wet dish towel and then in plastic wrap
and store in refrigerator.
  30 minutes before serving,
Spread with glaze and heat 20 minutes until bubbly.
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