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TOPIC:  Fall Entertaining Idea

Host a "Nature Walk Picnic" at a national or state park.

Invite guests to join you for some fresh air and exercise on a leisurely sight-seeing trail walk.

Begin and End at a beautiful spot you picked out. Have bottled water and trail mix for each person to take along with them. Take along 1 gallon size zip-loc bags to collect colorful leaves and pine cones.

Upon returning to the starting point, lay out a sumptuous picnic. Serve everything from pink pickled eggs and cold smoked salmon to thin-sliced glazed corned beef and fresh crusty breads. Be sure to include thermoses of hot soup.

Have crisp sparkling cider, white wine and cold beer for beverages and serve hot coffee with dessert: Perhaps Nutty Apple Pie and Cheddar Cheese.

To make it really special, serve all the food on small china plates with real flatware and cloth napkins.

Lay everything out on colorful quilts or blankets and light citronella candles to keep away insects.

Send each guest home with a tiny paper bag filled with home-made fudge, mixed salted nuts or some other goody!



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