Graduate with a "Master's" in Home Entertaining


  For most of this planet, June begins the celebration of summer and sunshine.  
  All around us are the sights, sounds and smells of new beginnings.
Green, tender new grass; bright, sweet-smelling young flowers; colorful and dainty
butterflies; the buzzing of bumble bees; and the peeps and chirps of baby birds.
  If you haven't done a "Spring Cleaning" yet, then do it now. You'll love the results:

  • Open all the windows in your home
  • Remove all the drapes and launder them, or have them cleaned
  • Dust all the upper corners
  • Clean windows
  • Scrub floors
  • Clean out cabinets and closets
  • Dust, wash, shake and polish everything!!!

  Entertain during late afternoon and early evening  
  • Fill your home with flowers: lilacs, sweet pea, magnolia, camelias, roses, apple
    blossom, peonies, gladioli -- Everything that smells wonderful.
  • Put away the brass and pewter.
  • Use crystal and china for decorating and serving. Use silver sparingly.
  • If you are lucky enough to have lawns or gardens, buy, borrow or rent white
    wicker furniture. Set up several seatings arranged in a circle. Place a punchbowl
    full of flowers on a low table in the center of each grouping.
  • Use a mixture of brightly colored linens--purple, daffodil yellow, grass green.
  • Serve foods on white dinner plates and brightly colored dessert plates or bowls.
  • Make several ice bowls with flowers and berries embedded in the ice to
    serve salads and fruits.
  • Serve light summery foods--
    Fresh sliced vegetables
    Fresh berries
    Potato salad
    Seafood Newburg
    Crabmeat salad finger rolls
    Home-made sorbet
    Tropical Shortcake (
    Email Miss TVC for a recipe)
  • Pour punch and freshly made lemonade from glass pitchers. Drape sugar frosted
    grapes over the edge of each pitcher.
  • Serve sparkling wine or cider with dessert. Cordon Negro is a good dessert choice.
  • In a large punchbowl, serve sparkling fruit iced tea (Email Miss TVC for the
    punch recipe).
  • Float a fruited ice ring on top of punch.


Enjoy yourself!

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