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  Keep Cool!
  • Freeze lemonade in ice cube trays.   Use in iced tea instead of plain ice 
  • Dump lemonade ice cubes into a sealable freezer bag.  Keep adding more 
    until bag is full.  Keep this supply on hand to serve to guests.
  • Fill plastic containers to 2/3 with lemonade, iced tea or juice blends.
    Freeze solid and then replace caps.
    Take these containers along on outings to the beach or pool.
    As the ice melts, you can enjoy frosty cold beverages.
  • In two-quart plastic container, mix together 4 cups juice blend, 1 cup
    Vodka or Gin or Rum.  Top off with 1 cup Ginger Ale.
    Place in freezer.  Freeze 4 hours--stirring every 1/2 hour.  Cover tightly.
    The alcohol will prevent the liquid from freezing solid.
    For a refreshing drink on a hot day, just stir, spoon into glasses, add a
    and serve.
  Something to think about on a lazy summer day...

The story is told of five men gathered in the general store one hot summer day, arguing about which is the "right" religion. It was a fruitless discussion because no one could agree. Finally, they turned to a wise old fellow sitting silently in the corner---

He said, "When the cotton is picked, there are several ways to get it to the gin. We can take the northern route which is longer but the road is better; we can take the southern route which is shorter but filled with chuckholes; or, we can go over the mountain because it's more direct, eventhough it's more perilous. When we reach the gin, though, the man doesn't ask which way we came. He simply asks, 'How good is your cotton?'"

(from High Tide Press)


Enjoy your summer!

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