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Overcoming the Winter Blahs

Don't make any New Year's Resolutions:

  • If you resolve to change something you've been having trouble sticking with in the past, you're just setting yourself up for depression and guilt it it doesn't work this year either.

Start a personal "Journal" for 1999

  • Buy a ring bound notebook. Be sure it has a least 26 pages in it.
  • Use one page to explain wo you are, what you do, your height, weight, hair and eye color, age and health statistics.
    Remember, this is personal and you don't have to share it)
  • Keep the last page blank so that at the end of the year you can record any changes that occurred and to summarize the year.
  • Designate two (2) pages to each month of the year.
  • Start the first page of each month by listing four (4) tasks you wish to accomplish.
  • Use the balance of the two pages to record events, thought, fears, news, weather, and accomplishments.


  • Unless, for specific health reasons, your doctor has advised you not to, go on a high protein diet.
  1. High protein generates natural blood sugar.
  2. Blood sugar generates heat.
  3. Heat burns off calories.
  4. High protein blood sugar creates more energy to get things done (burning off calories).
  5. High protein generating internal body heat in the winter months will make you more comfortable during cold weather.
  6. High protein creates a feeling of fullness, cutting down on the desire for countless snacking.
  7. The blood sugar created by the high protein eventually lessens the desire for overly sweetened desserts and drinks.
  • Stay away from pork products for the first sixty (60) days of a high protein diet.
    ---For some reason, pork fat prevents the natural blood sugar from doing it's intended job.
  • For snacking, eat seeds and nuts. For meals, eat turkey, turkey-based products, chicken and fish. Eat only the leanest beef cooked over an open flame or grill.
  • Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits.
  • Be sure to eat breakfast within two (2) hours of waking every day.
  • Do not punish yourself through your diet! Eat desserts at least once a week (try half portions).


  • Have a complete physical.
  • Stay away from sick people.
  • If you are traveling by air, use "Afrin" nasal spray. Use 2 squirts in each nostril before each take-off. This will prevent a virus from being pushed into your system through the nasal passages and lessen the likelihood of chest and sinus infractions.
  • Drink plenty of water and juices during winter months. Cold air and over-heated buildings will dehydrate throats and noses resulting in colds and flues.
  • Take plenty of walks in the open air.
  • Laugh! Real laughter expands the lungs, draws in oxygen as well as creating natural endorphins which will make you feel better. Laugh often!

Play Games:

  • Play board games or cards as often as you can. Perhaps you and your family can start a weekly game night.
  • Studies show that playing games actually expands the brain, making the players more alert and sharper for days afterward.
  • Playing games provides the social contact necessary for well-being and mental health.

Pamper yourself

  • Allow one hour every day that is yours. Get everyone in your home to agree that this hour (make it the same time every day) is yours and you are not to be disturbed.
  • During your hour, soak in a hot soothing bath for 30 minutes. While you are soaking, read 10 pages from a book you've always wanted to read.
  • After your bath, moisturize all over.
  • Finally, spend the rest of your hour lying down with your eyes closed. Have the room as quiet as possible. If there are noises or voices in the house that are distracting, then play some soothing music. Or buy a recording of soothing sounds. But please, no television--no radio talk show--JUST RELAX.

Be realistic. don't keep looking back!

  • Your body isn't what it was. You can't do the things you used to. Your relationships aren't what they used to be) partner, spouse, children, co-workers). Stop! Of course they're not!
  • Dress to flatter who you are. Update your hairdo.
  • Be grateful and proud of the growth in your relationships(s). There's history between you now. You have memories together. Tell them (all of them) that you wouldn't like to think what your life would have been like if they hadn't been there.
  • Of you can't do what you used to do, then do something different.
  • Stop feeling sorry about the loss of yesterday. Start planning something special for tomorrow.

Learn to Dance



  • closet, kitchen cabinets, a desk, towels, the garage, recipes photos, tools, socks, books, records, the refrigerator, a file cabinet...


  • Make a list of 12 things particularly good about yourself. (You always say thank you; you always respond to an RSVP; you hove beautiful hair; etc....).
  • Tape your list somewhere private (Inside a closet door, in a desk drawer, etc.).
  • Look at your list every day...


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