April, 1999

  Miss TVC as the "Easter Chef"  
  Spring Entertaining
  Spring! What a great time for a Sunday brunch!  
  Do something elegant before the summer heat comes on....  
  If you live in a temperate climate, set up your affair outdoors.
  In colder areas, Spring means melting snow and an uncomfortable chill. Still, a brunch indoors is just as festive. Open all the drapes to let in the light.
  In either case, bring out your best china, crystal, silver and linens.  
  • Fill the party area with spring flowers: Tulips, daffodils, crocuses and lots of lilacs, if you're lucky enough to have them.
  • Serve sparkling wines, such as a Cordon Negro or an Asti Spumonti. Offer a sparkling cider or a fuzzy punch as a non-alcoholic alternate.
  • Serve foods buffet-style keeping colors and textures with Spring in mind.

Some suggestions being:

  • Halibut Chowder
  • Ham and Egg Roulade
  • Peach Amaretto Trifle
  • Mimosa Baked Ham
  • Sweet & Sour Kidney Beans
  • Mexican Flan
  • Turkey Newburg
  • For an elegant touch, embroider plain table linens in the same pattern as your china.
  • Make an ice bowl with greenery and spring flowers embedded in the ice. Use the ice bowl to serve salad or chilled fruit. (Email Miss TVC for directions).

Enjoy Yourself!

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