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Can't think what to get the grandchildren? .... I have heard from mothers how delighted they are to have different towel sets for each of their children. It totally eliminates the "I don't know" answer to the question of "Who left their towel on the floor?" or "Who didn't clean up after showering?" The kids start taking better care of things right away because it's now impossible to blame someone else. My grandchildren especially love the wild animal bath sets...tiger, dolphin, wolf, leopard.

And you can do most of your gift shopping on any budget......

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  Cds make great gifts---
Especially anthologies of hits of the past or a certain genre. Check for the super-new or the unusual.

Collectibles and Accessories make special gifts for special people---

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Cook books and books about Food and Recipes make great gifts!


Here's a great one..... 

The Art of Eating     by M. F. K. Fisher
Amazon reviewers rate this book 5 stars! and with good reason. This is not just a book about food--it is an eclectic array of thoughts, memories and recipes. W.H. Auden said, " I do not know anyone in the United States today who writes better prose." This may well be the best book I have ever read.


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